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Don't Worry Levi x Reader
Not again.
There you sat in the class, your test in front of you. You just stared at it. Stared at the red F mark on it. It was your third math test that you have failed. You just wanted to cry, but not here. Not now.
"Damn, I got an A- on the test! I was sure that I was going to fail..." Linda, one of your friends who sat next you said.
"Will you stop it already, Linda? You say that every goddamn test and yet you get all the As and Bs." Sasha said little annoyed.
"I'm sorry! But you know like..., yeah. Anyways what did you get?"
"A C-. It could have been better, but hey, at least I passed the test." Sasha said while she took out a candy bar and started eating it. As others continued to talk about their test results, you just sat there fighting back the tears in your eyes.
'It's just a test. It's not the end of world. But dad will be disappointed at me once again. And this is the third test I've failed...' You thought. No matter how hard you tried, but you couldn't ge
:iconemilythesiren:EmilyTheSiren 14 6
Heart-Shaped-Glasses Levi x Reader
You were one of the top cadets. Like you were gifted with almost perfect battle skills, and plus you were also very smart. And on battle field you always held your shit together. You like hardly showed any emotions. Everyone was surprised when they saw how skilled you were. (Even the king of eyebrows and the smexy bleach god)
Why? Because when you joined the Survey Crops, everyone thought that you were just a lost girl in the wrong place. But oh boy, they were wrong...
But you showed them. You still remember everybody's face on that day. It makes you smile every time you think of it. But no matter how good you were in the battle field, you had like no social skills. None. And that sucked really hard. Of course you had few friends, (Hanji, Arimn & Erwin), but still. And even when you were talking to them you felt nervous and awkward. And if the things weren't hard enough, you had this major crush on Lance Corporal Levi, aka the mighty-bleach-god. You couldn't help it, you just happened
:iconemilythesiren:EmilyTheSiren 34 30
It's not what it sounds like! Levi x reader
"Just take it now, you annoying brat."
"What if I won't?"
"Just swallow the damn thing already!"
"Try. I dare you."
"Tch. Don't make me force this down of your throat. You're a grown ass human!!"
"But I don't want to!!"
"And why is that? And hurry up, I can't hold this damn thing any longer..."
~Outside of your room~
"What the hell are they talking about? It doesn't sound good..." Eren whispered to Hanji, who was trying to listen what was going on in your room. Behind them were Armin, Mikasa and Jean.
"And I want to know what is happening there." Said Hanji more to herself.
"Hey guys..., I don't think that this is a nice thing to do..., like spying on them..."
"Armin, You know if he even tries to lay a finger on (f/n), I'll kill him." Said Mikasa in a low voice.
"Woha, take it easy, Miss Spicy pants." Said Mr. HorseFace.
"I don't really think that Levi would do anything to (f/n)..." Said Armin.
"Are you deaf or something? Listen to the noise that's coming out of ther
:iconemilythesiren:EmilyTheSiren 87 32
show me. levi ackerman
"Je t'aime."
You tilted your head in confusion as the man unexpectedly spoke his native language to you. His tone was softer, less flat. The words rolled off his tongue so smoothly that it calmed you, yet it sent visible goosebumps to your skin.
"The time?" You asked, perplexed.
Pinching the bridge of his nose, the Corporal let out a gruff sigh and leaned against the wall as he crossed his arms. The man knew you weren't going to understand the words he effortlessly spoke, but had expected a less naive reaction.
You frowned. "Come on! What does it mean?"
"Doesn't matter." He brushed his jet black hair out of his eyes.
"Say it again." You cupped your cheeks and closed your eyes, waiting for Levi to repeat the foreign words to you.
He replied with a grimace and scrunched his brows in irritation. 
You were the only person he let himself love. It was wrong, he knew. Falling in love, knowing he'll lose you; just like he lost everything. But he promised himself to protect you, to not let
:iconmiintbun:miintbun 662 95
Sleep and Food Necessary. (Levi Ackerman x Reader)
Several running footsteps passed his office on the way to the Mess Hall for breakfast. That, he was used to. He didn't even look up from his paperwork. He heard the then faint footsteps as they left the hall about half an hour later on the way to the training grounds. That too was normal and in all his years at The Survey Corps, that was what he had grown accustomed to. However...with the graduation and subsequent acceptance of the 105th Training Corps graduating class into the feared military section, there was a sound he was not used to. And it happened every morning.
After the mad dash towards the Mess in the morning, a short while later, he would hear the light tread of feet back towards the dorms. After a few minutes ,they would head back in the direction of the Mess Hall. Oddly still was the fact that just before the thirty minutes the soldiers had for breakfast were up, he would hear a pair of feet quickly dash towards the training grounds, just missing being tardy and facing th
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 221 54
Love Potion + Tea = ...? - Rivaille/Levi x Reader
"As your punishment, clean the mess hall for the whole month!"
Another prank you did to the humanity's strongest was a success. This morning, you drew Santa’s beard with whipped cream on his face while he's being persistent on continuing his sleep.
After you joined the Survey Corps, you had a kind of habit on tease your comrades. Everyone in here was interesting people. They were different people, from different places came into one. Their unique state of minds turned you to be the prankster.
You like everyone reactions when your prankster mode on. But what you love the most was the corporal's reactions. Even he always had stoned face, once he falls on your pranks, no one would never want to forget his facial expressions.
"Hi, (y/n)!" Someone called your name cheerfully from a distance.
"Hanji!" You wiped the running sweat from your forehead as she bend down to look closer to you. You'd become close to her since the both of you love to tease to the same person. Levi.
"Cleaning du
:iconkuroniichi:kuroniichi 91 27
Babysitting LevixReader
First he was stuck watching the little brat and now-
“You are just so adorable aren’t you?”
-the little shit was stealing his woman. ‘Oh fuck no.’
While Levi seethed quietly at his desk, [Name] was sitting on the filthy floor with the small poop machine, stacking worn blocks into a wall. ‘Well, not filthy exactly, my floor is a helluva lot cleaner than the rest of this shit hole. If those idiots would just take their chores seriously for once’- his thoughts broke off at the sound of blocks crashing down, followed by high pitched giggles.
“Uh oh! You knocked it over you cute baby titan you!” [Name] cooed. The baby smiled wide in response, picking up one block in a chubby hand and raising it to his mouth. ‘Fucking disgusting.’ [Name] started piling the blocks up again, this time in the shape of a very off balance tower, not paying attention to the baby gumming at the block. He stopped, holding the damp block out for her to
:iconfragilebandwidth:fragilebandwidth 274 29
My girlfriend n her cockblocking brother Levixread
Levi's POV
"Bae hurry up!" I shouted up the stairs.
"One second!"
"You said that 1 hour ago!"
"But I have to take Eren with us!"
"The fuck no you don't!"
"Tell my mom and dad!"
The moment ____ brought up her dad I shut up. Because the time I meet ____'s father for the first time I ended up walking out of that house with a bruised cheek, a limp, blood dripping for the side of my mouth.
"Okay Levi you can start the car now!"
"Finally." I muttered under my breath.
"What did you say?!" Startled a bit because I forgot my girlfriend had super hearing.
*in the car*
"Jesus she tells me to wait in the car and she's talking forever in there."
Just then _____ and her stupid little brother Eren come out of the house. ___ was wearing sunglasses, a sunhat, a (F/C) and white jacket. with red flip flops. While Eren wore a red vest jacket and swim-trunks.
"Sorry for the long wait Eren wanted breakfast." ____ said smiling sheepishly. I just smiled back at her before sending a death glare at Eren
:iconiamkohai:IamKohai 52 28
Shark Week - Levi x Reader (oneshot)
Warning: language and a lot of period talk. Levi x Fem!Reader if you’re a guy or just dont have this particular lady part
“Oh fuck me” you silently cursed under your breath. It was that time of the month again, the dreaded week of blood in your panties. Luckily for you, you woke up a lot earlier than usual, thanks to the very strong need to go to the bathroom. You kind of regret drinking all that water last night. Anyway, this gave you enough time to go to the nurse’s room and get some pads or whatever. All you would have to do is walk there, and you knew where the room was. Pretty simple.
But then again, not really. Even though you've been living in the Survey Corps HQ for at least a year, you’ve still often managed to get lost in that maze of a building. There was sill that one not-so-slight chance you’d open the wrong door. Worst-case scenario, you’d barge into Corporal Levi’s office and have to face the fun-sized man they
:iconmyfanfictionsucks:MyFanfictionSucks 78 40
PMSing (Levi x Reader) Request!
You groaned as you clutched your lower abdomen, but why the hell do you bother? It won't take way the pain and uncomfortableness that you were experiencing! You were walking through the hallways of the Scouting Legion HQ. Well actually, you were more or less trudging. Little thoughts kept running through you kind like. 'Why can't guys get periods instead!' And 'why the hell am I here? I don't want to be in the fucking military today!' You know, the usual thoughts that came the same time of the month as your... Your.... Well you know.
You had skipped training today with Mike and you were trying you absolute best to keep a low profile so you could sneak into you room and lie down on your back to sleep off the worst of 'it'.
'Why did I have to get cramps? Why did this have to happen today? Why did it have to happen EVER? FUCK MY LI-' you thoughts where interrupted when you turned the corner and bumped into a very briskly walking Corporal. You yelp as his hand hit your abdomen and y
:iconmandyloved:Mandyloved 382 118
Fluttershy and Celestia Wallpaper by EkkitaTheFilly Fluttershy and Celestia Wallpaper :iconekkitathefilly:EkkitaTheFilly 55 5 Princess Celestia Plush by EquestriaPlush Princess Celestia Plush :iconequestriaplush:EquestriaPlush 1,956 457 Daily Painting 1673# Danger Noodles by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1673# Danger Noodles :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,068 206 Picnic With Close Friends [Req] by LifesHarbinger Picnic With Close Friends [Req] :iconlifesharbinger:LifesHarbinger 18 12
Stay Safe (Levi X Reader)
He crossed my arms over his chest, tapping his foot impatiently. Where is she? The thought floated in his head no matter how many times he attempted to push it away. But why should he worry? The damn brat is always late, one of her bad habits. She’ll be here any second.
Just as he was about to set out for her, she rounded the corner. He mentally decided to talk to her about her timing later. He swiftly grabbed her by the wrist, hauling her to the corner. A light yelp tore from her throat at the sudden action.
Her (e/c) eyes widened when he pressed her gently to the wall. “Oh! It’s just you,” she murmured, glancing down nervously. It was a hard task trying not to smile when she blushes. Such a soft pink, it mixes in with her (s/c) skin. “I didn't think you’d remember…”
He allowed a small smirk to form, just for the sake of her saying it looked nice. “You’re an idiot for thinking that.”
She smiled, looking ba
:icongreystream:Greystream 296 142
Levi x Reader |Taking a Break| AU
If you had to sum today up, you'd most likely say it was a never ending quest for it to be over. Or more specifically, your shift. Either would be beautiful salvation in your eyes.
The customers must enjoy being obnoxious and outlandish - you had to hand it to them, it must take talent to transcend the levels of annoyance into downright infuriating irritation. Why did they keep asking about a secret menu? That menu certainly must be a secret if you didn't know about it.
There was a pounding in your feet, a signal of how badly they were aching. Wearing heels today was now on your top ten list of most idiotic ideas you've had. Number one being getting this job.
'This has to be the longest day of my life,' You think, not daring to say it out loud. Your hellish boss, Jerry, would glare you down otherwise. That was not a lot of fun. To make it even better, he treated it as if it were a roast, and would dryly point out mistakes you had made your entire career. How the hell did he ev
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 249 58



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